Frequently asked questions

Icon for verifiedWhat is a neon shop and what do we specialize in?

We are a supplier of quality LED lights and signs with the most affordable prices in the US and UK markets today. Levistina sells many neon signs at different price ranges. Currently, we have more than 20 collections of signs for many business lines such as Bar & Club, Beauty & Cosmetics, Hair Salon, Coffee Shop, Gym Studios,...

In addition, we also have unique signs to decorate parties, weddings or special events. These LED signs will light up boring and dull spaces in no time!

Icon for verifiedHow much is a neon light cost?

Neon lights at Levistina start at $100. However, if you choose to customize, the price may be higher because it depends on many factors such as color, size, quality, ...

Icon for verifiedCan I customize the design of my neon sign?

Do you have ideas for your amazing personalized lighting and want to implement them? Our neon sign store will help you do just that. 

With just 4 simple design steps at Levistina and waiting for us a few days to manufacture, you will receive your LED sign. Let's implement your ideas right now!

Icon for verifiedWhich is better LED or Glass neon?

Choosing LED or Glass Neon will depend on your needs.

  • LED: Operates continuously for 50,000 hours and cannot be repaired when broken. However, the price is cheap and easy to install.
  • Glass Neon: Continuous operation for 70,000 hours, can be repaired and maintained when broken. However, the price is quite high and requires a professional to install.
Icon for verifiedDo neon signs consume a lot of energy?

Compared to traditional lights, LED neon is quite energy efficient and consumes less electricity. The signs at Levistina are equipped with a 240v transformer and use 60w-100w (equal to standard light bulbs). Thus, each LED sign only consumes 15%-20% of electricity for operation, much less than traditional fluorescent or incandescent lamps.

Icon for verifiedHow do I place an order for a neon sign at the shop?

Buying at neon sign store Levistina is very simple. You just need to choose your favorite products and add them to your cart. Provide us with your delivery information (private information is confidential). Then pay via available methods. Wait a few days and you will receive your desired sign.

Icon for verifiedDoes the shop offer a variety of colors and fonts for neon signs?

We offer 12 colors:Red, Green, Blue, Tea Tree, Pink, Light Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Ice Blue, White & Warm White.

Currently we have about 30+ fonts suitable for different styles.

Icon for verifiedHow long does it take to complete a custom neon sign?

The production time of the signboard will take from 3-5 days.

Icon for verifiedCan the shop repair a neon sign if it becomes damaged?

It will depend on the severity of the sign. In some simple cases, you can still replace it and continue to use it or vice versa.

Icon for verifiedWhat are the power supply options for neon signs?

Most of our LED lights need to be plugged in to work. Some small signs may be battery-operated.

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