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About us

Our Journey

Hey there! I'm Daniel Tran, and together with my partner Angela, we set out on the adventure that became Levistina. It all began back in 2021 when we were on the hunt for a neon sign that wouldn't break the bank. But, alas, our search left us empty-handed. Every option we found online either cost an arm and a leg, had lousy reviews, or was just another generic "Open" sign you'd find at any old store. That simply wouldn't do. So, we rolled up our sleeves and decided to create our own.

What started as a fun project in my garage, crafting a few neon signs for our own space, quickly snowballed into something much bigger. We realized there was a real demand for unique, affordable neon art, and we were determined to fill that gap. But let me tell you, getting Levistina off the ground was no small feat. We hustled to secure a workspace, build a team, set up a slick website, source top-quality materials, and figure out the whole shipping and logistics shebang. It was a roller coaster ride of late nights and hard work, but here we are.

Welcome to Levistina, where we're all about bringing your vision to life with stunning, handmade neon creations!

Our Mission

At Levistina, we're on a mission to make creative expression accessible to all. We're here to light up your world with custom, handmade neon artworks that speak to your unique style.

Meet the Team

Behind Levistina is a team fueled by passion and creativity:

- Daniel Tran: Head Honcho/Co-Founder
- Angela: Marketing Maven & Sales Whiz
- And of course, our dedicated crew of technical wizards and marketing maestros, armed with years of experience.

What Sets Us Apart?

We've had enough of settling for subpar neon signs, so we've gone above and beyond to create something truly special:

- Price: Levistina offers neon signs starting from just $100
- Size: Whether you're after a petite piece or a statement-making showstopper, we've got sizes ranging from 2 feet to a whopping 10 feet
- Material: Take your pick from our range of LED or Glass Neon signs
- Longevity: LED signs last a whopping 50,000 hours, while Glass Neon signs can shine for up to 70,000 hours with proper care
- Customization: Our easy-to-use online tool lets you personalize your neon sign in under 5 minutes
- Easy Installation: Our signs are designed for hassle-free DIY installation, so you can get them up and shining in no time

Our Focus Today

In our continuous quest for innovation, we're now diving into the latest technology of UV printed LED neon signs. This cutting-edge technique allows us to push the boundaries of creativity even further, offering you stunning neon designs that stand out like never before.

What's in Store?

Levistina offers a diverse range of LED neon signs, personalized creations, business logos, event signage, and more. Plus, we're experts at helping businesses stand out with bespoke logo designs.

*Reference: Our first venture, Orant Neon, laid the groundwork for Levistina's journey. Starting from our garage, Orant Neon served as the initial spark that ignited our passion for crafting unique neon artworks. Building upon the foundation of Orant Neon's success, we expanded our horizons to establish Levistina, where we continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the neon art industry.*

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